Nobody cares about the Government because they all have Daddy-Issues


If the title confuses you, I’m sorry, it will only make sense if you read until the end. Now, posted below is a lovely conversation I overheard behind me while on the subway the other day. For those of you who live in Canada, or more specifically Toronto, this news might be of interest to you. Last week a judge decided that the good people of the Etobicoke Centre riding needed to go to a by-election. If you don’t know what a by-election is, click here, learn, and come back I’m too lazy to explain. If you’re interested about this particular by-election (and if you’re Canadian you should be) click here. If you just want to be filled with mindless opinions, stay where you are and fasten your seatbelt.


I have many political science friends. I have friends on the left, and on the right. And they argue endlessly. Seriously, I’ve started argument out of amusement, an hour later I’ve left for a 3 hour class, an hour after that class, I’m eating dinner listening to these same people still argue. I know, passionate loners. And for someone who sits so hard on the fence it hurts, I often get bored and don’t give a shit. Can you blame me? I’m not a political science student, sometimes I wonder if I’m even really a student.

Besides politics is a lot like law, or psychology, or chemistry. It looks really interesting, but I can’t understand a damn word of it, so I’ll probably never know.

But here is the million-dollar point (actual money not rewarded), I know about this by-election. I am informed. I take notice of the political bullshit going on in my country. I even know about the political BS going on in my province. Because as much as I hate to admit it, Person 1 is actually right, knowing about this shit is important, sort of.


Or is it important? In reality it probably doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter who wins in the by-election, one stupid asshole is no different from another stupid asshole (I’m sure both candidates are really wonderful people). I don’t care, and neither do you; unless you’re a political science student.

The reality is that while you have your die-hard DETOUR: any excuse to use the words “Die Hard” is a good excuse, always, anyways you have die-hard lefties saying the right is evil, and die-hard righties saying the left is evil. But the majority of us sit in no man’s land and just don’t care.

And why should we? Person 2 is right for the most part. It doesn’t matter who you vote in to power, the little guy will still always get screwed and there is nothing we little people can do about it.


But maybe one day people will slowly make a difference, and we can have competent governments, politicians who legitimately care about the people and aren’t power hungry, and a system that really works.

And maybe will have world peace…



And cure world hunger…..



And people will stop being greedy assholes….



And the internet will stop being 70% porn (ok 90%)….



And unicorns will walk the earth….


And fairies….



And Scarlett Johansson will magically appear in my bedroom….



I don’t about you but this all seems totally possible.



“So what you’re saying is people shouldn’t care about politics?”

Whoever asked that, get off my internet, now.

I’m actually saying the exact opposite. I think Person 2 is an idiot. A bigger idiot than the usual. My biggest problem with Person 2’s opinions is they think democracy is stupid. It’s not like millions of people have died trying to defend that. And I want to tell  all the Person 2’s out there, from one pessimist to another, it’s nice being able to have a say in who screws you.

Yes most governments are a mess, and yeah, I ask every politician out there to please save me a seat in hell; but really they have way too much power and if you take a damn little bit of interest, you can at least know who you’re handing your genitalia too in the future.


I would like to end on a wise note from my father. My father is a man I’m surprised managed to raise only slightly psychotic children. The man is a combination of Justin Halpern’s father, Red Foreman from That’s 70s Show, and Bill Cosby. I believe that he is the main reason I ever so slightly pay attention in politics. And here’s why:

So in other words Person 2 really needs to shut up.


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2 Responses to Nobody cares about the Government because they all have Daddy-Issues

  1. Even though I don’t follow politics, this post actually appealed to me because you have a point. People who complain about politics, and later do nothing to change it even though they’re given the chance are idiots.
    And actually your post inspired me to be a little more involved in politics, basically knowing who’s who.
    I love the fact that this post is so scannable even without photos!
    Also, you’re Dad’s the bomb.

  2. Mr. Ray of Freaking Sunshine says:

    The lack of photos started to bug me. I have now added photos. Hopefully it does not harm my scannableness.

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