Stupid Sports Fan


Patrick clearly doesn’t know when it’s Euro Cup time, or World Cup time. Or any time. He actually lives under a rock.

Forza España! Sorry, I meant Vive Le Deutschland! No. Sorry, Go Azzurri! Damn I’m confused, and you might be too, so here’s a clue: Soccer. Now, unless you live under a rock (and if you do, how do you get internet? That’s amazing), you have probably realized its Euro Cup season. Now if you don’t follow soccer, bear with me, this post is not solely about soccer. If you are a soccer fan, yes this post will have soccer.

As is the occurrence every Euro Cup / World Cup / Olympics, the flags and traffic-impairing-crazy-rioting sports fans are out in full force.  And while I could potentially do a whole blog post on stupid things sports fans do, I’ll save that for another time. No this blog post is less of a rant, and more of a question:


Alright. Context. Yes I’m a soccer fan, if you like soccer, go ahead and spam me with your opinions, if you hate soccer, go ahead and spam me with your opinions. While out with friends, and discussing an upcoming match in the Euro Cup, I admitted to cheering for Spain and Italy. Now I’m of Italian decent, so cheering for Italy is kind of obvious, but I also cheer for Spain because I like their team (yes, I realize these two teams are playing each other in the final, and no I’m not cheering for both teams now. Forza Azzurri).

After much consideration, I have decided to grow this beard.

Now the guy behind me had a severe case of eavesdroppingitis (ironic isn’t it? This post is about someone else having eavesdroppingitis), but instead of keeping his opinions to himself (ranting about it later on his blog like some crazy people), he decided to turn around and join the conversation.

Man: “You can’t cheer for Spain, you’re Italian. Actually are you even Italian? Do you even speak Italian? Why are you cheering for them? You’re Canadian.”

There’s a lot wrong with this. Let us examine.



Okay silly patriotic justifications aside, why do I have to justify who I cheer for? Why do I have to have some sort affiliation with the country to be allowed to cheer for them? I have no affiliation with Spain; I just like the way they play the game, but according to this guy I’m not allow to cheer for them.

He’s not alone either. Every Euro Cup / World Cup / Olympics, the comments start flying around, “you’re not really Italian you can’t cheer for them”, or “you are Italian, you can’t cheer for Spain” and so on and so forth. How about, I live in a democracy and can cheer for whoever the hell I want?

Stupid-Traffic-Impeding-Flag-Waving Fun. Not that any other nation is any different.

But seriously, why is it only when these tournaments come around that people attack you for what team you choose to cheer for? And what about my friend from Brazil (who unlike the inspiration for this post, understands who can actually qualify for the European Cup), who loves soccer? They’re cheering for Germany. Should I tell them they’re not allowed to join in the flag-waving-traffic-impeding fun? Well Germany lost, so yes, but for different reasons.

And in non-international competitions? I’m a hockey fan living in Canada, am I not allowed to cheer for the San Jose Sharks? Is my friend who loves the Oklahoma City Thunder not allowed to cheer for them because they don’t live in OKC?

I hope you see where I’m going with this.


Someone out there, please explain it to me, is the random stranger the bigger idiot, or am I? Is my cheer for whoever the hell you want philosophy, wrong, unpatriotic, disloyal, or other nasty things? Or is random stranger a little too political about a bloody sporting event? Because I honestly think it doesn’t matter who you cheer for, unless you look like this:

This picture makes me suddenly want to become a Brazil Fan… not sure why…


And this makes me want to give up watching sports. Forever.


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9 Responses to Stupid Sports Fan

  1. I think that’s a good justification to become a Brazil fan.

    • Mr. Ray of Freaking Sunshine says:

      I agree. I became a Brazil fan during the Euro Cup. Clearly there is something wrong with me.

      • Well, I’d consider yesterday’s game a win for you. Since you cheer for both teams, you couldn’t lose, so that’s awesome. Also, you’re a Brazil fan. Win.

      • Mr. Ray of Freaking Sunshine says:

        Nope, that was definitely a loss for me. My patriotism got the best of me. So when Italy lost, I was sad. But truthfully I never expected to them to get as far as they did, so to make it to the finals was a bonus. I was proud of the team for accomplishing what they did. Also it was kind of cool to watch Spain make history.

  2. tloafs says:

    so true!!! when i wear my portugal jersey, people look at me like wtf? and then I get questions like “You’re asian so why are you cheering for Portugal?” or ” You’re asian so why are you cheering for Euro cup?” I hate that I have to justify the fact that I’m cheering for Portugal, having to tell the stranger that I’m portuguese every single time is a pain in the ass! Just because you’re asian doesn’t mean you can’t participate in cheering for a country in Euro cup!

    • Mr. Ray of Freaking Sunshine says:

      You must get it so much worse than everyone else, even I’m not sure if you’re Portuguese. But it’s so stupid that that is part of the issue at all. Fans should be able to cheer for whoever they want, although bandwagon jumper to bother me a little bit.

  3. julian says:

    I do believe that your philosophy is not wrong, but unpatriotic, and I am on the fence about loyalty. I see no issue with cheering for whatever team you want but I believe you should always cheer for your home team no matter how terrible they play( TML, for example).

    • Mr. Ray of Freaking Sunshine says:

      Yeah, I know its quite unpatriotic. It’s not that I’m against patriotism, I’m surprisingly patriotic for someone so apathetic. I just don’t like needing patriotism to justify cheering for a team. I think it comes down to bandwagon jumping. For example, as terrible as the Toronto Maple Leafs have been since the 2005 lockout, I have remained a Maple Leafs fan first, and a San Jose Sharks fan second (not that they’ve been much better, but at least they make the playoffs). I don’t cheer for other teams like Pittsburgh, who’ve had more success, I remain loyal to my chosen teams. If all of a sudden the Leafs won the Stanley Cup, there would be a ton of Torontonians who have claimed to cheer for other teams, jumping the bandwagon and suddenly becoming Leafs fans again. I suppose my main point would be remain loyal to your team, but you should be able to decide where that loyalty lies for any reason.

  4. S says:

    I think you should be able to switch between teams as often as you like when it comes to non-international sports. For stuff like FIFA and the EUROcup you should try to have a bit of patriotism but realistically you can cheer for who ever you like. when it comes to the NHL I see no reason to commit to one team if they play like garbage, especially if the only reason for cheering for them that they have your city’s name on their jersey. For example, the the leafs suck and only two players on their roster are from Ontario, let alone the GTA. Am I condemned to cheer for this team for eternity simply because of my geographical proximity to the arena they call home? I didn’t choose to put them there. Furthermore, what about the people who live in Regina? Well your province doesn’t have a team- looks like no NHL for you guys; that’s ridiculous!

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