About Mr. Ray of Freaking Sunshine


This is what I look like in the morning without makeup. True story.

Hello there, my name is Matthew Del Mei, and yes, I am a Ray of Freaking Sunshine. But that’s Mr. Ray of Freaking Sunshine to you. I’ve never thought of being a blogger before now, because there is nothing I care so deeply about to feel the need to join the army of people shoving ideas in the internet’s face, only to be the only person ever to read my own ideas. But when I had to create a blog for a course in university, I realized it could be an amazing place to put all my pointless opinions, and then shove those opinions in the internet’s face; even if the internet doesn’t give a damn.

The inspiration for this blog came from all my friends and family, who insisted that what I am most an expert in is ranting. And yeah I know, that’s not much help. But they’re right, shoving my opinions in people’s faces and starting arguments is all I know how to do. So the question became, rant about what? Start arguments and debates about what? I’m not an expert in anything, and my rants can often be scattered. So in order to ground my blog, all my rants will be based off of something I’ve overheard because of eavesdroppingitis (more on that below). Also this blog will follow a set of rules I believe everyone should follow always.


My personal views about blogging before starting my own blog


Rule # 1: Everyone is Stupid

Rule # 2: Everyone is Stupid

Rule # 3: Really Stupid People Brag about their Stupidity

Rule # 4: Don’t talk about Fight Club

Rule # 5: Murphy’s Law

Rule # 6: Everyone Lies

Rule # 7: Do not talk about Fight Club

Rule # 8: If you believe everyone is Insane the world will make much more sense


Following Rule # 3 has helped me find a use for my rare disease: Eavesdroppingitis. A common infliction of the nosy, boring, and bored; where you absolutely must eavesdrop on everyone else’s conversations. I must listen in on all the conversations of the opinionated and the stupid, regardless of whether I want to or not; and being a combination of opinionated and stupid myself, I will post the things I overhear, and use it as a springboard to shove my own, oh so happy opinions and ideas in the internet’s face.


I’m often called a cynic, or a pessimist, or a jerk, because of my thoughts. I disagree; I am merely not in denial. Besides a pessimist is either constantly proven right, or pleasantly surprised. So basically being a pessimist is just being a good boy scout. And as for being called a cynic, well, yeah, guilty as hell.

So maybe I am a pessimist, or a cynic, or a jerk, or a realist, or just awesome. You decide. These posts will all be things I overheard people say that set me off, and if you’ve read this far, I want you to know, I love your face. Very much.

Thank You


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